Brush Chipper

Chipping is Environmentally Friendly

When Alfred's crew comes out and prunes your tree's or even removes small tree's, we don't haul it to the landfill. We recycle it with our chipper. After branches and limbs are chipped they are used for driveways, flower bed mulch, gardens, beautifing walkways. Some are even delivered to local nurseries.


 For a long time people had simply accepted that the best way to clear brush and debris was to burn the mess.  This process worked fine, but it was not safe, it was not clean, and it never would be.  Luckily, an alternative is available that makes all your memories of burning brush and natural waste go up in smoke.

Ice Storm DamageStorm Damage

Storm removal is a very touchy thing. It can range from winds, lightening, tornado's, ice, flood or any other natural disaster that causes tree or structural damage. It can range from a broken limb to a house totally devestated. We can take down that tree that is split or we can take care of your house after you think you have lost everything. 

Stump RemovalIf you remove a tree the job is not complete until you remove the stump. You can remove it for a number of reasons.

Land Clearing is something not everyone understands. It is just a simple thing of clearing lots large or small and the removal of vegetation. We can do this, as well as pasture clearing, which is  the clearing of unwanted trees such as cedar's or hedge on the pasture ground. If it is there and you don't want it we can take it down and clean it up to the point you never even knew it was there.

The Claw grabbing Branches

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

It is well known that a tree should be removed if it is a hazard to people or to property, or if it begins to lean more than usual. However some may not realize that if the trunk has mushrooms or fungus at the bottom might mean it should be removed!

Alfred's Superior Tree Service Is Available 24 Hours A Day For Your Emergency Tree Services.


Emergency Tree Removal

Alfred's Superior Tree Service is always ready to provide emergency tree services.  Since we are from the Midwest, we experience all 4 seasons, and of course extreme weather is quite common here. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, high winds, and ice storms all cause major damage to your trees.  All of which can pose a serious safety risk for your property and life.


We are looking for hard working, experienced, reliable people to join our team. We need people who have been in the tree service before, tree climbing and cutting, pesticide applicants, CDL drivers. This is a full time position and a labor intensive job that is outdoors. We do pre-employment drug and alcohol screening as well as randoms. We follow OSHA  and KDOT standards and require our employees to do the same. If you are interested in filling out an application, please call the office at 316-522-9458. Feel free to send a resume to our email address at:   You can also apply in person between 7:00 am-8:00 am Monday through Friday. (Please call a day ahead)

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