Tree Planting Tips

Planting and Planting Location

No magic chants or mystical charts are required to ensure tree survival. Follow these simple steps and your tree will thank you!

Wider IS better! Dig a hole or even simply rototill or spade an area 2 to 5 times the width of the root ball.
Plant A Tree
The biggest cause of young tree and shrub failure is planting too deeply. Never dig the hole deeper than the depth of the root ball.

Always remove the twine or nylon and the burlap if a tree is balled and burlapped.

Extensive research has shown there is no need to add fertilizers, living organisms, spores, gels, organic products, etc. into the backfill soil. Simply use the loosened soil that came out of the planting hole.

Put no more than ¼” of soil over the root ball.

Mulch the top of the soil backfill with 2-3 inches of woodchips or pine bark in a three foot radius

Water in everything; never tamp down the soil. Stake only if really necessary.

For maximum energy savings and minimum maintenance costs, plant trees at the following locations:

  • For trees which mature greater than 60 feet, plant a minimum 20 feet from a building and 40 feet apart.
  • For trees which mature between 30 and 60 feet, plant a minimum 15 feet from a building and 35 feet apart
  • For trees which mature less than 30 feet, plant a minimum 10 feet from a building and 15 feet apart.
  • Plant trees no less than 15 feet from a driveway, 10 feet from a utility pole, and 30 feet from an intersection.

Scientific research has demonstrated that two deciduous trees on both the east and west sides of a house provided the maximum energy savings.

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